Dave Riggs featured on reality TV show

Pilot Dave Riggs is featured flying his L-39 Albatross

Watch below for two girls getting instruction on how to fly a jet plane. The same day they are taken to the skies for a hands-on flight experience that they will never forget. They are spooked by a fly-by at the beginning of the day. Please leave your comments below.

L-39 Featured on ESPN Sport Science

See below for N139CK’s video on ESPN’s “Sport Science.” Piloted by Dave Riggs, the show posts the L-39 against an Indy Car to see who experiences more G’s. It turns out that the L-39 experiences far more G’s at one time, but the Indy Car experiences high G’s over a longer time frame. Enjoy the below video and if you have any comments, please use the form below.

Flying in formation